SAP Implementation

We design the software solutions that meet the most pressing goal, preserving the business goodwill and motivates expansion.

SAP Implementation

At Nijatech we furnish your business with the SAP Business solutions that would benefit the business domains and instrument the solution with ease and accuracy. We cater to all the business needs and complexities of the clients before implementing the benefited software solutions, right tools, and broadly conceptualized technique.

The inspection of the business case of the client is specifically carried through Accelerated Implementation Program (API) and thus by composing an overall solution catering all the requirements. The solution is thus categorized as follows;
1.Initial Project Construction
2.Creation of Business Prototype
3. Creating Business Cognizance
4. Project Conclusion
5. Go-Live On boarding and backup.

a. Project Construction

The initial project construction comprises of carefully analyzing the needs and requirements of the business and the objectives of the same. This will assist us in thoughtfully carving a business solution project with the required plan at the place. This includes,

Conducting a case study – This involves a team gathering where each member pours in their thoughts and plan a designed structure that could possibly include all the requirements, focus and the objective of the business.

Accession of trial structure – A briefing on the technical issues, concepts of the business, the end to end management structure is carried out by the business leadership in order to do a deep study of the business concept and access the planned trial version.

Review and execution – The apt software are then created, reviewed and installed onto the business.

b. Creation of Business Prototype:

This stage enables a creation of prototype with the contribution of the clients and key stakeholders of the business. The porotype gives prominence to all the objectives, focus and relevant necessities of the business. This includes;

Acquisition of information – This includes gathering all the information from the program leads in order to understand the need of the Sap Business One and the way it has to be implemented in the business.

Creation of the porotype – An initial prototype is structured with all the information gathered and it is then reviewed to ensure that it meets all the requirements.

Reformation and renovation – After the porotype is carefully reviewed, the changes that needs to be made is carefully initiated to bring out the final porotype of the solution.

Review and Execution – A prototype is created that is a comprehensive testimonial of the outcome combined from the meetings, and it operated as a technical and operative model for the application process.

c. Business Cognizance:

The objective of adding this stage is to outright the eventual construction of the assignment that constitutes of training of the business client, end-users and executives and also includes the system management, creation of sellable platform and final execution.

  • User and Executive training – The idea is to prepare and train the SAP Business One system and the client organization in order to smoothly run the executed solution.
  • Preparedness to Go-live – The fundamental action here comprises of the attainment of the end-user and educating the executive and latter modulation of the SAP Business One system.
  • Fulfillment of cut-over actions – Fundamental modification and cut-over activities are fulfilled or built to objectify all captious concerns and enables the solutions accessible to go-live.

d. Go-Live Onboarding and Execution:

The objective of this stage is to shift from a project-focused, pre-execution habitat to a conscious and ongoing production process.

Application of Project: The advanced SAP Business One solution is completely applied in the management and the stabilized support is lent for the betterment of the Go-live applications

Review, Execution, and Closure: In the assignment closure stage, the structure is applied to everyday functions and all concerns and complications are fixed, and the project is concluded after execution. The backing team audits the process and directs ongoing business process concerns in the uninterrupted improvement stage.

Steady modification: There is continued scheduled and organized to constantly analyze, inspect and enhance the business operation.

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