How SAP Business One Can Help In your Wholesale & Distribution Business:

• Provides full details of historic transactions in order to analyze the buying behavior of customers in a more preciously and balanced stock levels as appropriate.
• This system provides a robust solution for business management that provides secure functioning of inventory, sales, purchase, CRM, accounting, and financials.
• SAP Business One automates and improves the entire business process with efficient inventory and warehouse reporting tools.
• Enables streamlining of processes which allow companies to reduce errors, increase margins and save time thereby improving collaboration with customers.
• This system has the feature of improved inventory control and material planning that reduces the inventory costs.
• Information regarding invoices, goods receipt, customers and suppliers can be managed and analyzed without much effort using a single data source which allows you to keep a constant check on your business processes.
• This system supports mobility and can be tailored according to particular needs of the business.

SAP Business One Business Benefits for Wholesale & Distribution:

• Automated supply and distribution chain
• Optimized inventory management
• Modernized process for delivery and payment
• Streamline order-to-cash process through automation in operations.
• Streamlines complex operations of Import and Export
• Precise and up to date information on special prices and offers and immediate information on customer historic purchases that include any special promotions or schemes that are valid at the same time of purchase
• Real-time view of all transactions
• Cost-effective and value added services
• Self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers
• Tracking customer demand and purchasing behavior
• Advanced warehouse management
• Easy integration with eCommerce portals.
• Efficient inventory planner that keeps a constant check on the stock