How SAP Business One Can Help In your Retail Industry:

• Retailers can utilize the complete on-line and off-line trading functionality making the system work without any interruptions.
• Streamline ordering process - picking, packaging, delivery, shipment.
• Online Shopping - Stay online and trade to remain competitive with the fully integrated ecommerce store. The ecommerce store is integrated with the back-office SAP Business One ERP function to streamline business operations.
• Retailers can incorporate multi-channel ecommerce by integrating their business to all the major online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.
• SAP B1 offers POS operators inventory control with full visibility across the retail chain.
• Retailers can retain their customers by communicating with them using comprehensive CRM and by sending SMS notifications in addition to the email notifications that can be sent out from the application.
• One can stay connected with the end-to-end solutions provided for head office operations and retail management to manage POS operations and stores.
• Predict demand by tracking past purchases and orders of customers and extend your business by providing schemes and discounts.
• The touch screen enhanced interface provides improved customer experience thereby increasing its efficiency.
• This solution enables the retailers to improve stock levels and make better decisions about pricing.
• SAP Business One solutions for Retail is easy to deploy and maintain.

SAP Business One Business Benefits for Retail:

• Extensive on-line/off-line capabilities
• Boost sales by avoiding stock-outs, so the right items on hand when clients come to the store
• Cash, account based or split payments
• Increase in customer loyalty by providing on time delivery and better services
• Integrated POS functionality with cash-ups, lay-bys, credit cards and allegiance programs
• Reduce the inventory cost by stream line and integrated inventory management system
• Strengthen your market coverage by online presence and sales
• Integrated bar code scanning, printing and cash drawing mechanism